Sunday, May 1, 2011

[Mugen] SFOne - Ryu's Stage

We released another retro stage and this time is turn for the Ryu's one from our game Street Fighter One, is basically an edit of the Retsu's stage, changing (and animated) the clouds and the moon, in an attempt to the Ryu stage from Street Fighter 2, you can see a preview of the stage below.

You can download the stage here, we hope you enjoy it.


  1. Are you going to tweak the characters in the next update(if there is one) and add more content? This is the only Mugen game I respect right now lol

  2. Well, we think about an "ultimate update" of this game but, at the moment we're a bit occupied in another things... anyway, we need personal to check and fix some characters' codes (also we planned another things, maybe new artwork for char select and endings...) Thanks for your comment =)

  3. Great game! Well done! I found 3 Mugen Remake's about SFOne and this is the most stable version! Thanks again for your time and great work!

    PS: Sorry for my english, i am Chilean x)!

  4. This is something that I wanted to do 10 years ago, but never got around to doing it. Do you have a blog specifically for this project so we can stay updated on your progress? I love what you are doing so far.