Friday, October 22, 2010

Street Fighter One Updated

Well, finally, I updated the SFOne game, no much to say, only few fixes:

  • Windowed mode enable from the start, press Alt+Enter to fullscreen mode, you can enlarge the window with the mouse too.
  • Font on the character select changed colors.
  • Bonus Stages has been removed for the moment, that causes a bug of "when I win?"
  • CFG file enabled, now you can enabled (for example) the fullscreen from the start in Data folder.
  • "Random select" slot enabled, if you not decided wich character select, you use this "?" icon.
That's it, hope to enjoy the game, clic on the SFOne banner on the right to download the updated version.


  1. hi i really love the game still, i cannot get the sreen to enlarge to the full size

  2. Hi friend, thank you very much for sharing such a fantastic remake. What a pity that in 2017 no official remake of the original Street Fighter is available.